Mission & History

The Greencastle Civic League Incorporated was founded on March 5, 1984 by Kathryn Jones and Barbara Lane.

The mission of the Greencastle Civic League, Incorporated shall be the beautification, clean up, cultural development and general improvement of life in Greencastle, Indiana.

The purposes of the organization are:

1. Organizing an ongoing clean up program for Greencastle.

2. Developing a well-organized plan for city beautification.

3. Educating and fostering city pride among Greencastle residents.

4. Encouraging the development of the cultural arts in Greencastle.

5. Working with other agencies or groups who are interest in the improvement of life in Greencastle.

6. Raising funds for the furtherance of these objectives.

These many years later, we are proud to continue to fulfill these objectives for the city of Greencastle.